domingo, 4 de novembro de 2007

Um guia do The New York Times sobre as eleições presidenciais americanas

The Primary Season: Profiles of the Key Nominating Contests

Iowa and New Hampshire

These two states have led the nation's nominating contests over the past several decades. This year is little exception, with most candidates focusing many of their campaign efforts in these battlegrounds.

Other Early Battlegrounds

The Democratic National Committee has allowed NevadaSouth Carolina to hold their contests before Feb. 5. Several other states have decided to grab a share of the spotlight and have moved up their dates as well — some in the face of threats by the national parties to revoke all of their delegates if they do so.

Super Tuesday

With over 20 states lined up on February 5, over 40 percent of each parties delegates will be chosen on this date — the earliest allowed without special exception. California and New York have the most delegates at stake.

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